Types of table saw blades

A table saw is one of the most versatile and important tools in a woodworker’s shop. And having a quality blade on the table saw can help a craftsman turn out the best product possible. But did you know not all table saw blades are made the same? There are several different types of table […]

Wood movement

Did you know that wood moves, even after it’s cut down into boards? Working with lumber is somewhat of an art form, as the craftsman must work with the lumber and its movement to create a long-lasting, beautiful piece of furniture. Below we’ll discuss how and why wood moves, and what can be done to […]

How to hang wall art

Getting a new piece of wall art is always exciting. But sometimes, that excitement is replaced with frustration when it comes time to hang it on the wall. If your new art doesn’t have hangers, you need to first figure out which type of hanger to use. Next, make sure the hanger and the wall […]

Furniture design considerations

If you’ve ever designed a piece of furniture yourself (or tried to), you may know how difficult it can be. To make that piece work exactly as intended and so it will last for years, there are dozens of things to consider. Continue reading below to find out the basics of designing furniture. How will […]

Types of wood joinery

Have you ever noticed how some of your furniture is assembled differently from others? Perhaps some has legs that are bolted on, while others have slots for the legs. Or maybe you’ve noticed a different type of joint in your cabinetry (the dovetail, which we’ll talk about later). There are many factors that go into […]

How to identify quality woodwork

Hand plane with wood shavings

It can be challenging to tell if a piece of furniture is well-made or not, especially if you’re not familiar with woodworking and how these pieces are built. But when you invest money in a new furniture piece, you want to make sure it’s going to last for years to come. So what are the […]